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Tue, 28th January 2020, 12:49pm

Great evening last night.
The initiation of Bro James was very well done by the new officers.
The APGM and Provincial team enjoyed the ceremony and the festive board, well done guys.


Phil Rowlands

Tue, 1st May 2012, 11:32am

Our Site has been up and running for a few weeks now and I'm supprised that we have only twelve members join the Site.

I would have thought that all the Brethren of Forest Green and some of our regular visitors, whom have access to the Internet, would have joined by now ?

Colin Brooke

Mon, 23rd April 2012, 12:54pm (Mon, 23rd April 2012, 1:54pm UTC+1)

Congrats on your new site (500+ visits already, well done), Its looking good and I will frequently visit the site to see what is happening at your friendly and welcoming Lodge.

Thanks for the the invite last March, a very rewarding experience - my first witness of a raising - having just recently been raised myself.

Further invites will be most welcome.

Best Regards

Gordon Douglas

Wed, 4th April 2012, 2:27pm (Wed, 4th April 2012, 3:27pm UTC+1)

Well done all looks great

Tony field

Wed, 4th April 2012, 8:55am

Great job Phil, Colin, Barry & Bob

Richard Light